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Not all who Wander….

Posted on Mar 7, 2014 in Honeymoons & Travel | 0 comments

Wandering around in a new city has to be one of the best ways to gather perspective on life & inspiration for the future! Paris is a perfect city to just wander, you will never grow tired of seeing the old city streets & little cafes on the corners.
Wander, get lost, find a quaint cafe, people watch & suddenly you end up stumbling upon some of the best moments of your trip. We did this & stumbled upon the Lovelock bridge. We had planned to find it at some point while we were there but it was perfectly placed in our path & both my husband & I truly enjoyed watching some of the couples lock themselves to each other that day on the bridge.

Enjoy the beauty of getting lost & found in a new city!


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Notre Dame de Paris

Posted on Mar 5, 2014 in Honeymoons & Travel | 0 comments

I cannot even describe the beauty I saw & felt as we walked through Paris. We decided to completely ditch ALL tours in Paris & figure it out on our own. Our Hotel was a 7-10 minute walk from the eiffel tower so it was great if we got lost or weren’t sure where to head; It was our personal homing beacon!
We started off taking the Metro to Notre Dame they were celebrating 850 years! How incredible! I had seen photos & seen it in movies but nothing can prepare you for the greatness that is The Notre Dame! Construction started on it in 1163 & it only opened in 1345. Needless to say I was in awe. There wasn’t a ton of people which was great. For those of you that want to visit I highly encourage it but keep in mind it is still a church so no hats & you should dress modestly. We went in the winter so that wasn’t an issue as we were both bundled as could be. Also for photographers there is no flash allowed which made me grateful that I brought my larger camera & set my ISO crazy high.
This was our first Paris adventure together & we both truly enjoyed being able to see it all.

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