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5 things to do while in Paris, France

Posted on Mar 25, 2014 in Honeymoons & Travel | 1 comment

There are a few things that I highly suggest you not miss. Maybe they are touristy & maybe they are cheesy but I know for myself that there are things that I would feel like I missed out on & I didn’t want to regret anything. No matter how touristy they may seem or other travel sites & blogs say to “stay away” & “try something new.” Yes, do that but if you, like us, don’t get to travel very often & you want to make sure that you can get a taste of everything, try these things:

1. Have a glass of champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Its a pain to get up there especially if you go in spring or summer. The crowds & the lines can be overwhelming & if you go in the winter, it is quite cold however, once you make it up there you get a beautiful 360 view of Paris & if that is not enough you can have a glass of Champagne at the top of the tower. It is a little pricey but when are you ever going to do that again?!? Have that glass of Champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tour!

2. Go to the Louvre

Yes I know there are so many museums you can go to & some think it is over rated but again, if you plan this trip for a while & may not go back for years if ever. Go to the Louvre. It has so many amazing wonders & even with the crowds of people you can still find yourself in areas completely alone admiring art & having a moment of “WOW! I am in Paris & I am at THE LOUVRE!”
If you want to see everything it will take hours if not days but just go even for a little bit & pick out an area & admire. In the sculpture garden I loved seeing art student with their little stools & sitting for quite a while practicing their art technique. Inspiring!

3. Hot Wine while shopping outside!

Walking up & down Charles de Gaulle Ave & shopping while having hot spiced wine in hand! Need I say more? It was raining & cold but with that in hand, I could’ve walked for hours! I personally think that rain & mist & the cold can make things seem more magical. With my husband looped through one arm & my hot wine in my other hand, Paris was about as magical as it could get in that moment! Don’t hesitate to have a couple cups of it either. It is Paris after all ;)

4. Visit the Lovelock Bridge.

Even if you are just going with a friend, it is still an amazing site to see. Both my husband & I stated that we could sit & just watch people there for hours. It was beautiful to see the connections & the wishes made. It was sincere & heartfelt & full of anticipation. Lock your love, devotion, loyalty & promises to the bridge & throw the key into the river.

5. Visit the Montmartre, Paris Artists Market

This was important for my husband because when he had been to Paris previously he remembered going & seeing some amazing artist with their art for sale. I am so glad that he was determined to find this market even though it took us a couple days to locate it again. It wasn’t as busy because we went in November but there were still plenty of artists that it made it hard to decide what we might like to take home. The diversity of the art was impressive; there are landscape artist, pop-art, classic black & white & photography among others. I was drawn to the black, white & red pieces that felt “tres chic”

Ultimately Paris is a beautiful & magical place to visit. Yes there are plenty of places you could visit off the beaten path but sometimes its nice to see why these places are so popular to begin with! Enjoy the trip – & do what you want to do & see what you want to see. Leave with no regrets!

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The Palace of Versailles, France

Posted on Mar 19, 2014 in Honeymoons & Travel | 0 comments

Originally our trip had a tour scheduled for the Palace of Versailles but as I mentioned previously we were done with official tours. The schedule said they were to leave at 8am & return at noon. That really only left about 2 hours there & we were not about to be rushed. We decided to decline & find out how to get there on our own. It was great! We took the metro & had our own little adventure. We decided to go on a Friday afternoon & found it to be so worth it. We took our time walking around the Palace & the grounds & let me tell anyone who is considering going – GO! It was incredible & beautiful & extravagant! We walked through the woods to Marie Antoinette’s quarters, through the woods! Who owns a forest? We spent more than 5 hours & it was wonderful to not feel rushed! I think we are both very glad that we decided to take the time to find our way & go.


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