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5 Things to do in London, England

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 in Honeymoons & Travel | 1 comment

A couple weeks ago I had posted “5 Things to do in Paris, France” so I thought I would do one for London.

1. Watch the changing of the Guard.

Yes it is touristy but we certainly don’t have things like that here in the states. If you want to be right at Buckingham Palace gate you have to go SUPER early otherwise if you want to see both sets of the guards then you can stand on one of the corner grassy areas which will allow you to see them both filing in marching to music & all. This was a cool experience but it is always packed even in the off-season so give yourself a little bit of time to get there & grab a spot.

2. Visit a Cemetery.

This is an odd one, I know, however European cemeteries are extravagant. They can be vast or tiny but the headstones can date back older than the United States as a country. Yeah, they can be creepy too but its a charm that I happen to love. They are peaceful & beautiful when combined with all the greenery & artistry of the mausoleums & tombstones.

3. Go up in the London Eye

What better way to get a stunning 360 view of London than way up high in the ever revolving London Eye. Each cabin is actually quite large & has a couple benches as well as several screens that are interactive in allowing you to select buildings you see or neighborhoods & learn about the history & their purpose. It is quite beautiful & breathtaking especially if you go at sunset.

4. Find a cozy pub, drink & eat up.

One thing we kept hearing over & over from people was, “the food isn’t that great. Don’t expect too much with the food. Hope you find something good to eat while you are there.” Let me just say once & for all to know & hear, We had delicious food & could not complain. The best food was found in the pubs. Fish n’ Chips, some savory cheese pastry thing with cranberries & even the burgers among plenty other meals. We did not want for a good, hot meal with good beer, cider or whatever else peaked our interest. So I say go , find a cozy pub, order a couple beers, people watch, grab some good hearty food & relax in the culture of London.

5. Go to Covent Garden

This is a great little area chock full of fun distractions. There is an artists market with all kinds of things from hand crafted metal clocks, to photography prints to jewelry & it is all interesting to look at. There is also normal commercial shops lining the market as well in addition to this big touristy flea market once you get deeper into it. There are coffee shops where you can stop & relax & listen to the street musicians or watch the street performers. This is just a fun & diverse area with a lot to see & do.

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