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Minimoon in San Francisco

Posted on Sep 26, 2014 in Featured, Honeymoons & Travel | 0 comments

My husband Brandon & I decided to take a quick getaway after our wedding to decompress from all the chaos. We are taking a nice long trip in December to St. Lucia so we are calling this little trip to San Francisco our minimoon. Due to it being the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival as well as the week of 2 huge sporting events going on in town, hotels prices were through the roof! A friend recommended looking into airbnb.com to find our accommodations. We were able to find a quaint & cozy studio apartment with a full kitchen in the popular nob hill area for half the price of a hotel! It was perfect for us because it allowed us to truly feel like locals during our stay. Not to mention the view we had from the rooftop! We shopped down the street at the local Trader Joes & made breakfast & coffee every morning. We used the Lyft app to get around when walking wasn’t a possibility & checked out some great sightseeing as well as ate the most delectable food! We of course also saw a Giants baseball game & shopped till we couldn’t walk anymore. It was such a perfect little vacation for us to celebrate our love! Here are some things I highly recommend doing in the San Francisco Area:

For Sightseeing:
Fishermans Warf ( the view of Alcatraz from the pier is phenomenal! ) There are also a lot of fun touristy shops & restaurants.
Take a ferry to Sausalito
Explore China Town (great for gifts to bring back to loved ones & yummy inexpensive food!)
Grace’s Cathedral (most beautiful art instillation by Ann Patterson)
Lombard Street (crooked street filled with amazing hydrangeas)

Womens clothes & knickknacks at Picnic in NobHill
All the shops on Polk Street in Nobhill or Fillmore street
Amazing china from Peking Bazaar in China Town

Breakfast: Brenda’s French Soul Food
652 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94102
(this place was AMAZING, outstanding omelets & beignets)
Dinner: Frascati 1901 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94109
(such a romantic upscale place, ask to be seated upstairs for a more intimate setting)

Salt Water Taffy from Candy Baron in Fishermans Warf

A Note From the Founder/Editor

Posted on Sep 5, 2014 in Featured, Honeymoons & Travel | 0 comments

Good Morning Lovelies! I thought I would take a moment to write a little note to my friends, family, amazing peers in the wedding industry & of course the lovely couples that inspired me to create this site to begin with.

First let me say that I am so grateful to you all for your wonderful support & help during this time that the site is launching & the preparations for it. It has all happened so quickly but I feel so blessed & honored to commence this journey with such wonderfully talented friends & co-workers.

We in New Mexico & the Southwest have a lot to offer & a lot happening here & I want to really highlight that by shining a light on one of the most beautiful moments in people’s lives; their wedding.

This site was created to really bring the world of weddings & events to the fingertips of everyone in New Mexico & the Southwest. This site was designed to not only support & promote the ideas of the locals but also to bring in ideas & inspiration from around the world & help couples find ways to incorporate them into their weddings through the wonderful world of the web!

I want this site to really be for you all & really cater to the needs that you have so if you are looking for something specific or would like to to hear from a particular vendor on a certain subject please email me & I will find a way to provide you with the information you seek.
If you are a vendor & looking to see what the couples are interested in these days just keep checking back for my updates & let me know if you have any questions for brides that I can maybe help you with.

Inspiration, advice, ideas, tips & quality wedding vendors for your wedding or event is what this site is about & for.

So please feel free to drop me a line with suggestions, comments or requests. I would love to hear from you.

5 Things to do in London, England

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 in Honeymoons & Travel | 1 comment

A couple weeks ago I had posted “5 Things to do in Paris, France” so I thought I would do one for London.

1. Watch the changing of the Guard.

Yes it is touristy but we certainly don’t have things like that here in the states. If you want to be right at Buckingham Palace gate you have to go SUPER early otherwise if you want to see both sets of the guards then you can stand on one of the corner grassy areas which will allow you to see them both filing in marching to music & all. This was a cool experience but it is always packed even in the off-season so give yourself a little bit of time to get there & grab a spot.

2. Visit a Cemetery.

This is an odd one, I know, however European cemeteries are extravagant. They can be vast or tiny but the headstones can date back older than the United States as a country. Yeah, they can be creepy too but its a charm that I happen to love. They are peaceful & beautiful when combined with all the greenery & artistry of the mausoleums & tombstones.

3. Go up in the London Eye

What better way to get a stunning 360 view of London than way up high in the ever revolving London Eye. Each cabin is actually quite large & has a couple benches as well as several screens that are interactive in allowing you to select buildings you see or neighborhoods & learn about the history & their purpose. It is quite beautiful & breathtaking especially if you go at sunset.

4. Find a cozy pub, drink & eat up.

One thing we kept hearing over & over from people was, “the food isn’t that great. Don’t expect too much with the food. Hope you find something good to eat while you are there.” Let me just say once & for all to know & hear, We had delicious food & could not complain. The best food was found in the pubs. Fish n’ Chips, some savory cheese pastry thing with cranberries & even the burgers among plenty other meals. We did not want for a good, hot meal with good beer, cider or whatever else peaked our interest. So I say go , find a cozy pub, order a couple beers, people watch, grab some good hearty food & relax in the culture of London.

5. Go to Covent Garden

This is a great little area chock full of fun distractions. There is an artists market with all kinds of things from hand crafted metal clocks, to photography prints to jewelry & it is all interesting to look at. There is also normal commercial shops lining the market as well in addition to this big touristy flea market once you get deeper into it. There are coffee shops where you can stop & relax & listen to the street musicians or watch the street performers. This is just a fun & diverse area with a lot to see & do.

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5 things to do while in Paris, France

Posted on Mar 25, 2014 in Honeymoons & Travel | 1 comment

There are a few things that I highly suggest you not miss. Maybe they are touristy & maybe they are cheesy but I know for myself that there are things that I would feel like I missed out on & I didn’t want to regret anything. No matter how touristy they may seem or other travel sites & blogs say to “stay away” & “try something new.” Yes, do that but if you, like us, don’t get to travel very often & you want to make sure that you can get a taste of everything, try these things:

1. Have a glass of champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Its a pain to get up there especially if you go in spring or summer. The crowds & the lines can be overwhelming & if you go in the winter, it is quite cold however, once you make it up there you get a beautiful 360 view of Paris & if that is not enough you can have a glass of Champagne at the top of the tower. It is a little pricey but when are you ever going to do that again?!? Have that glass of Champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tour!

2. Go to the Louvre

Yes I know there are so many museums you can go to & some think it is over rated but again, if you plan this trip for a while & may not go back for years if ever. Go to the Louvre. It has so many amazing wonders & even with the crowds of people you can still find yourself in areas completely alone admiring art & having a moment of “WOW! I am in Paris & I am at THE LOUVRE!”
If you want to see everything it will take hours if not days but just go even for a little bit & pick out an area & admire. In the sculpture garden I loved seeing art student with their little stools & sitting for quite a while practicing their art technique. Inspiring!

3. Hot Wine while shopping outside!

Walking up & down Charles de Gaulle Ave & shopping while having hot spiced wine in hand! Need I say more? It was raining & cold but with that in hand, I could’ve walked for hours! I personally think that rain & mist & the cold can make things seem more magical. With my husband looped through one arm & my hot wine in my other hand, Paris was about as magical as it could get in that moment! Don’t hesitate to have a couple cups of it either. It is Paris after all ;)

4. Visit the Lovelock Bridge.

Even if you are just going with a friend, it is still an amazing site to see. Both my husband & I stated that we could sit & just watch people there for hours. It was beautiful to see the connections & the wishes made. It was sincere & heartfelt & full of anticipation. Lock your love, devotion, loyalty & promises to the bridge & throw the key into the river.

5. Visit the Montmartre, Paris Artists Market

This was important for my husband because when he had been to Paris previously he remembered going & seeing some amazing artist with their art for sale. I am so glad that he was determined to find this market even though it took us a couple days to locate it again. It wasn’t as busy because we went in November but there were still plenty of artists that it made it hard to decide what we might like to take home. The diversity of the art was impressive; there are landscape artist, pop-art, classic black & white & photography among others. I was drawn to the black, white & red pieces that felt “tres chic”

Ultimately Paris is a beautiful & magical place to visit. Yes there are plenty of places you could visit off the beaten path but sometimes its nice to see why these places are so popular to begin with! Enjoy the trip – & do what you want to do & see what you want to see. Leave with no regrets!

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The Palace of Versailles, France

Posted on Mar 19, 2014 in Honeymoons & Travel | 0 comments

Originally our trip had a tour scheduled for the Palace of Versailles but as I mentioned previously we were done with official tours. The schedule said they were to leave at 8am & return at noon. That really only left about 2 hours there & we were not about to be rushed. We decided to decline & find out how to get there on our own. It was great! We took the metro & had our own little adventure. We decided to go on a Friday afternoon & found it to be so worth it. We took our time walking around the Palace & the grounds & let me tell anyone who is considering going – GO! It was incredible & beautiful & extravagant! We walked through the woods to Marie Antoinette’s quarters, through the woods! Who owns a forest? We spent more than 5 hours & it was wonderful to not feel rushed! I think we are both very glad that we decided to take the time to find our way & go.


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